It's time
for a new view of circulation management and fulfillment.
Business-to-business publishers today are conducting business in a radically different environment than ever before. On the one hand, there’s more competition for fewer ad pages. On the other, there’s the need to manage costs without seriously eroding the ability to increase market share.
For every publisher and every publication – from large, multi-franchise companies to smaller companies with smaller titles – the stakes are high. And the publishers that find the right balance of creating competitive advantage and revenue opportunities, even as they carefully contain costs, will be poised for success now...and greater success as business rebounds.
In this new and challenging world of business publishing, it’s time to take a new view of integrated circulation management and fulfillment. It’s time to realize that fulfillment is no longer just a commodity. With the right service partner, it’s a powerful competitive advantage and path to operational efficiency. For all these reasons...
It's time for a fulfillment partner that’s more than a data factory. It’s time for a partner that gives you access to a veteran team of circulation management and fulfillment professionals who go far beyond simply meeting core fulfillment needs. A team that proactively provides innovative solutions and helps you pursue new opportunities.
It's time


for a company that’s large enough to give you economies of scale and true operational efficiencies. Yet, not so large that it’s mired in bureaucracy and staffed mostly by data technicians and clerical staff. Instead, it’s run by senior managers with nearly 140 years’ combined experience in circulation management and fulfillment.
It's time


for information technology that delivers tangible business benefits, converting information to valuable intelligence while reducing data acquisition costs at the same time. Web hosting. Automated response and file convergence with instantaneous acknowledgements. Broadcast e-mail interfaced with recipient files for renewals, requals, invoices, surveys and newsletters. Broadcast fax. Deep, actionable data mining. It’s time for continual innovation that meets your needs in real-time, with real economy. And, importantly, that’s applied and managed by industry experts to extract maximum real-world value for your business.
It's time


for service. Old-fashioned service. The kind of service where you can really trust the people who pick up the phone or answer your email. You can trust they’ll get the job done. You can trust they’ll offer you new ways of looking at your business. That they’ll be a source of ideas you can turn into advantage…without creating additional cost. That they’ll help get you out of tough spots, because they’ve been there, done that, through many years of industry evolution and innovation.
It's time for a new view of circulation fulfillment. One that’s based completely on your view of how to succeed.
It's time for Computer Fulfillment

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