HydroVision International 2019 Product Showcase
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See something big in a small package

Sorensen Systems introduces a self-contained hydraulic actuator that reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs in hydroelectric, water and wastewater installations.

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Sorensen Systems

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Debris Capture Solutions, HCS delivers

As a pioneer in debris capture solutions for water intake environments, we manufacture trash racks and rakers. We also use them at our own hydroelectric projects. Over 30 years, with water intakes in a range of industries and custom applications.

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Hydro Component Systems LLC

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Leaders of the Pack

McMillen Jacobs is a full-service environmental, engineering, and self-performing construction firm in the water resources, hydropower, and fisheries. We offer public and private clients early planning, regulatory requirements, design, self-perform construction, startup and commissioning services.

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McMillen Jacobs

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Maintain the Flow of Energy Thru On-Site Services

Establish A "CORE" Team of CFM/VR-TESCO,LLC personnel to machine or weld repair. After review of site needs, schedule and expectations we will execute on-site services to exceed your site's expectations.

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Continental Field Machining

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Major Innovations for Low-Head Dams

Don't miss the in-depth examination of the Ravenna Hydroelectric Project. This presentation discusses a number of innovations and strategies for the new hydroelectric plant, including the incorporation of Polyset’s WaterBorne, High-Ratio Zinc Single Coat System.

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Underwater ROV Inspections * 2D/3D SONAR

UAI offers Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) & Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) equipped with HD Video, remote sensing SONAR imaging systems and Ultra-Sonic Thickness measurement sensors for underwater asset inspections.

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Underwater Acoustics International

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Sealed With A Twist

If your seals and bearings are not lasting 30-50 years without damage, you need to ask: Why Not?
Non-maintenance seals from Lignum Vitae North America flip the script on a hydro plant's bottom line with performance.

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Lignum Vitae North America

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Generating High Quality Solutions

Sidewinders is trusted in the power generation industry for its knowledge of generator equipment maintenance and repair. Providing the industry with best-in-class service with a commitment to safety, quality, and performance on every project.

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