'Nefarious,' 'Malicious' ... and Targeting Your Supply Chain Plus: Are consumer brands ready to deliver this holiday season?

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Your Inspiration For November 4

‘Nefarious,’ ‘Malicious’ ... and Ready to Exploit Your Vulnerabilities

Look for cybercriminals to continue to exploit cloud-based weaknesses to cause mischief to and via supply chains. The threat is severe enough that Booz Allen Hamilton named it one of “Eight Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2021.”

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Are Consumer Brands Ready to Deliver this Holiday Season?

It’s as if Santa’s elves had started to have doubts about the reindeers: A survey found two out of three consumer goods and retail shippers were “not fully confident in their carriers today.” 

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Merger Will Address ‘Unprecedented Shift’ in Business Demands

Parties to an approximately $1.5 billion acquisition say it will help client organizations improve supply chain resilience. Coupa Software acquired LLamasoft, whose customers include Home Depot and Nestlé.

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Inspiring Organization

Gap Inc.’s ‘Gold Standard’ Distribution Center is a Technological Wonder

“This is one of the most automated facilities in the world. As we build other facilities, this is the blueprint,” says Kevin Kuntz, Gap Inc.’s head of global logistics fulfillment, describing the company's new state-of-the art distribution center in Groveport, Ohio. 

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Unraveling the Secrets to Warehouse Modernization for Growing Operations

Warehouse leaders recognize that modernizing their operations is critical, but many aren’t quite sure how to get started. In fact, most warehouse IT and operational decision-makers say they need to modernize their operations but  are slow to implement new technology.

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Custom-Designed Sorters

EuroSort's sorters help improve efficiency, reduce MHE footprint and boost ROI. Read the Gap Inc. case study above to learn how EuroSort helped the giant retailer.

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