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Week of February 10, 2020

Industry Updates You Should Know

Winds of Change
Despite its green reputation, the operation of wind turbines isn’t completely carbon-neutral, which is why Orsted has asked its supply chain partners to be carbon-neutral by 2040.

Because Old Turbine Blades Never Really Die
Energy companies and others are looking for ways to recycle decommissioned wind turbine blades, which is a big deal because about 8,000 of these mammoth blades are removed from service annually in the U.S.

Totally Anti-Solar, But Not How You Think
Instead of absorbing photons from the sun, a new “anti-solar” technology being studied at the University of California – Davis would actually do its work at night. For real.

New Best Practice Case Studies

Serving the Lower 48
Cruz Energy Services ramped up its logistics and overall operations to better serve its oil and gas customers in every major basin.

If Your Pipeline Springs a Leak
Knowing if there’s a leak in a pipeline is good, but knowing where that leak is located is even better, which is where Hifi Engineering comes in.

Capable and Ready
Total Equipment expanded its equipment packaging center to provide custom-designed skids and containers — and grew its rental fleet to support the oil and gas market in the process.

Videos Worth Viewing

Power utility unveils “grid of the future” labs.

Meanwhile, off the coast of Virginia Beach …

Vendors asked to remove carbon from the energy supply chain.

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