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Week of February 17, 2020

Industry Updates You Should Know

‘Finite and Running Out Fast’
It might sound a little like McDonald’s promising to be “beef neutral,” but petroleum giant BP has pledged to be carbon neutral across all operations by 2050.

2020: The Year of the Black Swan?
The coronavirus outbreak has significantly reduced China’s oil demand, meaning the energy industry is facing a “true black swan” situation, a major investment research firm warns.

Please Don’t Say This Idea Is All Wet (Even Though It Is)
A Hong Kong-based research team has made progress in harnessing the kinetic power of water droplets to generate electricity.

New Best Practice Case Studies

When You Need to Move Water, Fast
When it comes to fighting fires, you need reliable equipment. HFRC makes sure clients have the equipment they can count on in an emergency.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship
Rotex manufactures industrial screening and separation machines, but the sale and delivery of a machine is just the start of the customer relationship.

Evolution as a Business Strategy
Over the years, Energy Drilling Co. has adapted to the changing needs of customers in the oil and gas industry.

Videos Worth Viewing

Algae to the rescue: Working on tomorrow’s biofuel.

Brr! Gazprom Neft Arctic project wins international award.

Siemens CEO: Renewable energy is the future.

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