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Week of February 24, 2020

Industry Updates You Should Know

How to Uncover the Retail Customer’s Real Issue
Avoid surrendering control of the conversation and committing sales malpractice by digging deeper into customers’ needs.

Greater Insight
PepsiCo acquires Chinese online snacks retailer to better understand e-commerce best practices and drive growth to other key markets.

The Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Club
There are only so many personality types. Which are you? And what can you do about it?

New Best Practice Case Studies

A Path to Health and Wellness
Green Roads expands and simplifies its product line as consumers look to include CBD into their self-care routines.

Diversifying Outside the Puzzle Sector
To be a strong licensing partner, MasterPieces studies each brand to determine how its products can best represent and stay true to the brand.

Keeping Them Coming Back
Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar takes its passion for whiskey, high-quality food and good company nationwide.

Videos Worth Viewing

Curious Themes, a web design studio in Nashville, Tenn., shares top trends in e-commerce for 2020.

BurgerFi franchise development manager shares how to win more business with more data.

Retailers create experiential brick-and-mortar to target generation Z and millennials.

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