Supply Chain Best Practices This Week

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Week of March 9, 2020

Industry Updates You Should Know

How to Outsmart the Competition
Many consumers are interested in shopping at businesses that share their values. How can your supply chain give you an advantage here?

‘There is Always Opportunity in Crisis’
The coronavirus outbreak understandably has everyone concerned, but the founder of Innovation Global Capital is one guy who’s seen this movie before, and has some supply chain advice.

Should We Stress Test Supply Chains?
One of the responses to the Great Recession was to require banks to undergo “stress tests.” One observer suggests we ought to take a similar approach to supply chains.

New Best Practice Case Studies

Upgrading to Meet Demand
Restaurants look to food distributors that source from local farms so the food is picked at peak freshness. Food distributor Feesers knows this and is responding to the growth of the farm-to-table movement.

Going ‘Back to Basics’
FreightCar America’s “Back to Basics” strategy is designed to make the company’s work standardized, straightforward and simple, including in its supply chain.

Focused on Logistics
GCP Applied Technologies focuses on its Verifi technology and global logistics initiatives to keep its supply chain rolling.

Videos Worth Viewing

Best Buy modernizes its supply chain with advanced automation and warehouse robots.

What will the supply chains of the future look like?

Podcast: What coronavirus means for the Chinese supply chain

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