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Week of March 23, 2020

Industry Updates You Should Know

Diversity Helps Blunt Coronavirus Sting
Did your organization diversify its supply chain last year in response to the U.S.-China trade squabble? If so, congratulations: You might now have a leg up on other organizations that weren’t as proactive.

Braced for Impact
More than a third of manufacturers expect supply chain disruptions from the coronavirus, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Manufacturers.

After the Wake-Up Call, What’s Next?
In an article titled (rhetorically?) "Is it Time to Rethink Global Supply Chains?" a Harvard business professor lists several best practices to help organizations prepare for future disruptions.

New Best Practice Case Studies

To the Moon … and Beyond
What if your “last mile” delivery is actually 238,900 miles? And what if failure, as they say in the movies, is not an option? Read how NASA is building a supply chain for outer space.

Supply Chain Confidence
“Our clients are supported by fulfillment lifers,” AMS CEO and Founder Jay Catlin says. “Our history in this space helps us in collaborating with clients to find efficiencies and support growth.”

Making Connections
Rahul Vijay has a really cool tech job. As head of connectivity, sourcing and supply for Uber, he’s part of a team that operates behind the scenes to make sure that all company supply operations run smoothly. “We manage all the connectivity relationships and supply chain operations,” he says. “No connectivity, no Uber.”

Videos Worth Viewing

Will supply chains ever return to normal?

Let’s talk about how to manage supply chain risk.

Are there signs of supply chain improvement?

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