Manufacturing Best Practices This Week

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Week of April 6, 2020

Industry Updates You Should Know

There’s Work to be Done
AAM President Scott Paul recommends three succinct best practices to bring back American manufacturing jobs lost in the coronavirus crisis.

They’re Here to Help
National Association of Manufacturers and Business Roundtable unite to combat medical supplies shortage.

Game Changer
Talk about stepping up with something big at a critical time in history … as in the history of the world. The healthcare company Abbott Laboratories has stepped up with a new coronavirus test.

New Best Practice Case Studies

Chalk it up to Experience
MAAG Group has gained a “deep understanding” of plastics-manufacturing systems, which it uses to meet its clients’ needs.

Just OK is not an Option
Laguna Tools is only interested in making machines with the best parts and controls — and that are built to last.

It Pays to Keep an Open Mind
Vice President Melissa Uribe Gil explains how Costex Tractor Parts’ new Miami headquarters will nurture its best practices.

Videos Worth Viewing

California company manufacturing “sneeze guards.”

Check out the top 10 industrial robots in the world.

Let’s keep it clean, people: Cranking out Purell hand sanitizer.

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