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Get Wise to This

It Ain’t Cheap, but it Just Might be Priceless for Some Retailers

This technology is cool, sophisticated and embraces social distancing, which will help consumers' confidence in getting them to return to retail.

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Get Ready for the Return of White Glove Service at Restaurants … Along with White Masks

Expert says coronavirus will change the way the restaurant industry operates in the short term and long term. But the restaurant world that emerges from COVID-19 could be stronger and more tech savvy than ever before.

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That's Quite a Number


Here's what's up, doc. That number to the left is the amount of carrots that Iowa-based grocer Hy-Vee, which operates about 250 stores in the Midwest, donated to a local Salvation Army to provide coronavirus relief. We're assuming it's an unofficial record for the Salvation Army to have received such a massive donation.

Today's Quote/Unquote:

"It's pretty much consumed my every waking moment of thinking for the past couple of weeks."

— Kelli Morgan, who owns the Fit Flex Fly gym in Indianapolis with her husband, Mark, responding to a question about how she plans to reopen her business in the coming weeks with social distancing playing a huge role. (Indianapolis Star)

A Company That Inspires Us

Payroll Vault Helps Business Owners Rethink Payroll

Company says it takes the burden of payroll off the plates of foodservice and retail companies so they can focus on growing their businesses.

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Product in the Spotlight

Mike and Ike, Other Candies Get the Sanitizer Treatment

IT’SUGAR, one of the largest specialty candy retailers in the world, has launched a set of four candy-scented hand sanitizers.

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The Slant

It’s Time to Get Ready
to Open for Business

In this guest column, Heather Ripley provides pointers on how retailers and restaurants can go about reopening their businesses.

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