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Get Wise to This

Millennials Like to Paint … and Pound Nails, Too.
Who Knew!

Generation is massively misunderstood — at least when it comes to DIY projects around the house — according to a recent study by a Cleveland-based advertising agency.

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Retailers Will Have to Get Their Creative Juices Flowing

The retail world has some work to do if it wants to get consumers out of their homes and back to restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters and concert venues in the next few months.

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Guess What Retailer Had an Eye-Popping 4 Billion Visitors to its Online Store in March?

Data gathered by Learnbonds.com indicates that Amazon had 4.06 billion unique visitors in March — a figure that was more compared to the combined visitors for the other five leading online stores.

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That's Quite a Number


That's the increase in the percentage of the number of orders placed online and picked up at retail stores by customers between April 1 and April 20 compared to the same time a year ago, according to Adobe Analytics.

Today's Quote/Unquote:

"It's like Christmas every day. The retail has been phenomenal, actually hard to keep up. I've never seen it like this in my life."

Ken Wassler, who owns Wassler Meats, a butcher shop near Cincinnati. Wassler's great grandfather started the business in 1894, and Wassler has worked there for 40 years. The corononavirus has spurred retail sales, although the shop's wholesale business is down. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

A Company That Inspires Us

The Athlete’s Foot
Stays a Step Ahead

The athletic specialty space is highly competitive, and consumers are presented with an array of choices.

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Product in the Spotlight

Company Introduces Products to Enhance Food Safety

Hoffmaster Group offers a line of disposable paper tableware items for restaurants, hospitals and other service industries.

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Throwback Thursday

Gimme Shelter in Place … and a $1.10 Gallon of Milk

51 years after recording one of their greatest songs about making it through difficult times, the Rolling Stones release another great song about making it through difficult times.

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