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New Links in the Supply Chain

The Future is Hazy. But What Else is New?

It’s time to peer into the future — the future of your supply chain. And, like with those Magic 8-Balls we played with as kids, the future can be a little hazy. However, here are three scenarios for a post-pandemic world.

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How to Manage Threats to Your Business

Here’s an arresting factoid courtesy of McKinsey & Co.: Every year over the past several years, at least one company in 20 has suffered a supply chain disruption costing at least $100 million.

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Supply Chain Not Running on Empty, But Definitely Slowing Its Pace

With interval training, you alternate a slower pace with a more-intense, faster pace during a workout. The pandemic has forced running shoe manufacturers to slow their stride to an unexpected, low-intensity interval.

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By the Numbers

$25 Billion

That's the amount of money lawmakers were said to be discussing in tax breaks and other incentives to encourage U.S. businesses to move their operations or key suppliers out of China, according to Reuters.

Today's Quote/Unquote:

"We were monitoring it from the very beginning. ... We knew we had to quickly mobilize our task force."

— Christopher T. Raabe, vice president of supply chain for HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, describing to SCBP how his organization avoided being blindsided by COVID-19. 

Inspiring Organization

HD Supply Takes Extra Measures to Protect Employees and Customers

When HD Supply serves a client, it does not consider itself a separate company. “We like to think of ourselves as an extension of that customer’s team,” says the vice president of supply chain for the company’s largest business unit.

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Smart Thinking

Tools to Help Prep Your Supply Chain for Life after COVID-19

COVID-19 entered our lives swiftly, disrupting sectors and grinding entire industries to a halt. There are a number of areas that manufacturers specifically should focus on to keep up, stay relevant and be prepared for future disruptions.

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Worth Watching

How to Build a Better Supply Chain 

A panel assembled by the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management explores how your organization can improve its agility to prepare for future crises.

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