RF-Tuesday-June 2

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Your Daily Inspiration For June 2

NRF’s Chief Economist Keeps it Real About Retail

Jack Kleinhenz (right) says the economy has “taken a significant step forward,” but it’s too early to tell about how long a recovery might take.

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Most Consumers Closely Watching Fat Intake, According to Study

Shoppers basing their purchasing decisions on specific ingredients, according to Cargill’s annual FATitudes study.

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The Slant

As You Ramp Back Up, Don’t Forget to Meet Consumers’ New Expectations for Shopping

Retailers should consider these three areas as part of their long-term business strategies.

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That's Quite a Number


According to a new survey, that's the number of donuts that the average American eats annually, which amounts to about two or three donuts a month. There are more than 25,000 donut shops in the U.S., and they're pumping out more than 10 billion donuts a year. BTW, Friday is National Donut Day. (Dawn Foods)

Today's Quote/Unquote:

"Defacing, looting and plundering businesses, whether viewed as a direct outgrowth of fury or an opportunistic act of vandalism and theft, impedes progress and healing. ... We urge people to stop looting and destruction under the name of protest. It denies access to goods, services and jobs for those who need help the most, and takes focus away from the conversation we must have if we are to heal these wounds — not with talk, but through action."

Matthew Shay, president and CEO of The National Retail Federation, who issued a statement Monday regarding incidents involving retail stores across the country following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

A Company That Inspires Us

How a Fast-Casual Chain Evolved During the Coronavirus Crisis

FUSIAN, an Ohio-based chain, offered more than just customized sushi during lockdown.

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Product in the Spotlight

SONIC ‘Shaking’ Things Up for Summer

With summer due to officially arrive later this month, SONIC Drive-In has introduced a new shake flavor and reintroduced another one.

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