SCBP week of 6-11-2020

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Your Weekly Inspiration For June 11

Study: This Approach to Ending Lockdowns Is More Ouch-less

Some people prefer to rip the Band-Aid off with one yank. Others advocate a slower, more cautious approach. If we apply this analogy to supply chains, a recent research paper suggests that the second camp might be on to something.

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Fast Adoption Will Nearly Double Size of Warehouse Automation Market

The global warehouse automation market is expected to expand from $14 billion in 2019 to $27.2 billion by 2025, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report looking at factors driving as well as hindering this sector.

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Contributing to ‘Something Bigger’ — and Getting Rewarded for It

This year brought a new public awareness of the importance of supply chains. Indeed, a recent survey of U.S. supply chain professionals claims they they find the field to be "rewarding, with high salaries and job satisfaction."

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By the Numbers


Women (ages 30-39) in supply chain fields  report a median salary that is 93 percent of men's. "Although still not acceptable, it’s higher than what women on average nationally earn, which is 82 percent of what men earn," reported the Association for Supply Chain Management, which gathered the data in a recent survey.

Today's Quote/Unquote:

"We were able to work together and adjust to the increased demand. For some products, we were supplying our customers 30 percent more inventory than what we typically ship in a month, with very little lead time."

— Chief Operating Officer Molly VandenHeuvel recalls how Oil-Dri Corporation of America worked to keep retailers supplied during the depths of the COVID-19 disruption.

Inspiring Organization

Oil-Dri Explains How it Adapted to the Hurdles of the Pandemic

The task of supplying retailers with important items during a pandemic can be daunting, but Oil-Dri Corporation of America says it has the right team to get the job done.

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Smart Thinking

No Bull: Taking Stock of COVID-19 Impacts on Supply Chains

Obviously, no industry in the world was prepared for an event like COVID-19 — and this pandemic will force many companies to rethink and change their global supply chains.

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Worth Watching

How to Improve Inventory Availability in a Volatile Supply Chain

The MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics hosts a discussion on managing critical supply chains during these challenging times.

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