RF--Thursday--June 18 Retail & Food Daily Dose: 5 Tips for Restaurants and Bars to Gain More Business

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Your Daily Dose For June 18

Cue Up the Old Queen Song: Consumers Want to Ride Their Bicycles, Bicycles!

The unprecedented growth trend for U.S. cycling sales that began in March accelerated even further in April, according to The NPD Group.

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5 Tips for Restaurants and Bars to Gain More Business During COVID-19

Get creative and surprise and delight customers with exceptional service. The goodwill will not be forgotten.

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The Summer of … Home Cooking

With the retail economy reopening and rebounding, here's what consumers will be doing and buying this summer.

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Throwback Thursday

Hamburgs Maid-Rite Daily for Your In-N-Out Convenience

The drive-thru experience is going to get even more common, which got us thinking: When did the first restaurant install a drive-thru option for its patrons? (It's a good guess, but McDonald's isn't the answer.)

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That's Quite a Number


That's how many years the Aunt Jemima brand has been around. But because of ongoing racial justice protests, Quaker Oats' parent PepsiCo is retiring the controversial brand name, acknowledging it's based on a racial stereotype. The company will rebrand the line of pancake mix and syrup, and remove the image of Aunt Jemima from its packaging in the fourth quarter.

Today's Quote/Unquote:

"The data indicate that overall spending has started to recover more quickly than we had initially thought and, with many states not easing their lockdowns until well into May, sales look set for a continued recovery in June."

Andrew Hunter, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics, on higher than expected retail sales.

Product in the Spotlight

Presto Launches Referral Program for Free Contactless Dining Kit

Kits are free to restaurants of all sizes and categories, and allows guests to use their personal mobile devices to view the complete menu, place orders and pay with their phones at the table.

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