Copy of SCBP Week of June 18 Supply Chain Weekly Dose: Crisis-Tested Leaders Prepare for More Change

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Your Weekly Inspiration For June 18

Crisis-Tested Leaders Prepare for More Change

When it comes to COVID-19-related disruption, many supply chain professionals predict the worst is yet to come. However, a recent survey also uncovered some positive trends.

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Awards Recognize 6 ‘Unconventional’ Supply Chain Innovations

Gartner Inc. this week announced the winners of its 2020 Supply Chainnovator Awards. The awards “recognize unconventional, innovative and high-impact supply chain initiatives that transform the supply chain."

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5 Ideas to Help You Knock Down Silos at Work

75 percent of executives say their supply chain and other departments compete rather than collaborate on digitization projects, diluting expected revenue gains. That fact was revealed in an Accenture study released this week, “Together Makes Better,”

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By the Numbers


"Research has shown that up to 70% of people currently working in supply chain management today have no formal education in the area," notes Glenn Richey, a professor in supply chain management at Auburn University, as quoted recently in Supply Chain Best Practices.

Today's Quote/Unquote:

"By diversifying and expanding distribution channels, we are able to concentrate on the ‘last mile’ of the supply chain, which allows us to better serve and protect our clinicians and patients during these difficult times."

— Carl Waller, Northside Hospital vice president of supply chain management, explains how the Southeast-based organization deals with disruption.

Inspiring Organization

How Northside Hospital Learned to Swim with a ‘Black Swan’

Northside Hospital’s supply chain team in Atlanta developed an enterprise-wide strategy that directly linked to the organization’s corporate mission.

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Smart Thinking

Staffing Up for What Comes Next

As COVID-19 marched through the United States, companies shifted production lines and found ways to keep supply chains moving. We’re not yet done with the pandemic; however, manufacturing, logistics and transportation firms are starting to open.

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Worth Watching

8 Ways to Inform Vendors About Inbound Freight Pricing Changes

Shippers that take the time to inform vendors of inbound freight pricing changes and directions via the inbound freight routing guide can avoid problems.

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