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Week of December 9, 2019

Industry Updates You Should Know

Linked to Green
LinkedIn is working with CarbonCure to reduce carbon emissions in the concrete used for its new building complex.

Beyond the Computer Screen
Think that virtual reality is just for entertainment? It can be useful on construction sites, too. Here’s how.

Modular Construction Drives Savings
When times get tough, builders look for ways to cut costs. One way to do that is through the use of modular construction.

New Best Practice Case Studies

McCarthy Ranch
McCarthy Ranch’s legacy project in Milpitas, Calif., raises the bar for all industrial buildings in the South Bay Area.

Construction Forms Inc.
Here’s how Con Forms delivers performance, profitability and safety for customers around the world.

Carnie Cap
Carnie Cap offers “the go-to choice” to protect workers from serious injury.

Videos Worth Viewing

Cat Landscaping and Construction
The CAT UTV keeps operators safe.

Steadfast Construction
Watch Steadfast build a patio in under a minute.

McCarthy Building Companies Inc.
McCarthy gives thanks to those who give back.

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