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Week of December 9, 2019

Industry Updates You Should Know

SAP on Digital Best Practices
Why oil and gas majors are putting aside their differences and embracing these three digital best practices.

Amazon Unveils Renewable Energy Projects
In keeping with its pledge to be a net zero-carbon organization by 2040, Amazon announced the construction of three new renewable energy projects in the United States and Spain.

This Idea Rocks! (Possibly)
A group of European scientists have proposed a way to store excess energy from the grid by raising sand or gravel to a higher elevation. It's similar to hydroelectric power except, well, much dryer.

New Best Practice Case Studies

Built for Success
Best practices to optimize your EPC contract and mitigate risk on energy projects

Digital Transformation
Mining companies are at a tipping point. Here's how wireless could help transform their operations.

Modernizing the oil and gas industry with a new app

Videos Worth Viewing

Airboat Specialists
Pipeline Inspection Demonstration

John Deere/PB Materials
Building Growth for a Mining Company

Reinventing Energy Consulting for a Digital Future

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