Supply Chain Best Practices This Week

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Week of December 16, 2019

Industry Updates You Should Know

People, Not Robots, Are Your Best Practice in AI
Just as we rely on AI technology to go about our day and improve our productivity, the technology also depends on us to be useful. Business leaders in particular should remember that while intelligent, AI is not self-sufficient.

I Love Meetings! Lots of 'em! (Said Nobody Ever)
It's hard to escape meetings. Sure, we all know they're necessary, but too many of them seem to accomplish too little and eat up our valuable time. Luckily, a few best practices can help keep those powwows on track and productive.

Calling Women Supply Chain Leaders
Did you know that women occupied 14 percent of supply chain leadership positions in 2018? Although modest, that number nonetheless represents 100 percent growth in two years, according to B2G Consulting, which announced an awards competition for women supply chain leaders.

New Best Practice Case Studies

C&S Wholesale Grocers
C&S's supply chain initiatives have improved delivery experiences for its customers.

Givewith LLC
Givewith's partnership with SAP Ariba will allow firms to drive both positive social impact and business value.

South Jersey Industries
South Jersey Industries developed an in-house procurement organization to drive efficiency and cost savings with best practices.

Videos Worth Viewing

Northrop Grumman
Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

The Future of Supply Chain

G&D Integrated
Transportation Logistics Warehousing Freight Brokerage

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