Your Drone is on its Way Whose drones will rule the skies for last-mile delivery?

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Drones Are Coming. But Whose Drone Delivery Tech will Dominate?

If it seems like people are always droning on and on about unmanned aerial vehicles, better get used to it. Every day, it seems, the use of drones to make last-mile commercial deliveries flies a little closer to reality.

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COVID-19 Accelerates Evolution of the Retail Supply Chain

A new study says that maintaining a nimble supply chain is the top business concern among retailers fighting for their survival In today’s “Darwinian” retail environment.

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This is How Big E-Commerce is Getting in the Grocery Sector

U.S. grocery delivery and pickup sales totaled $5.7 billion in August, and average order value increased to a record high of $95. Intent to make a repeat online purchase in the next month reached 75% in a market that is nearly 5 times larger than it was just 1 year ago.

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By the Numbers

7.58 million

The National Retail Federations predicts U.S. ports will handle that many 20-foot equivalent units during the July-October peak season. That's when retailers rush to bring in merchandise for the winter holidays, and it would make 2020 the third-busiest peak season on record.


"[It] still feels like a bit of science fiction, but we’re at a point where we’re learning more and more about the technology that is available and how we can use it to make our customers’ lives easier."

Tom Ward, Walmart SVP of customer product, blogging about the retailer's new pilot project in drone delivery.

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